Acle Academy


We recognise that starting secondary school or changing school is a big step and we do all we can to aid the transition process.  Although we have many primary feeder schools, both within and outside catchment, we pride ourselves in ensuring that we visit each and every Year 6 student in the summer term before they start at Acle Academy in September.

A carefully planned induction programme commences in July where students spend time at Acle Academy and parents/carers are invited to attend our Induction Evening.  This helps students to get to know the school, make new friends and settle in quickly into high school life.

Note: Students wanting to join in other school years are invited to arrange an admissions meeting and are encouraged to visit the school prior to applying for a school place with the Norfolk Local Authority Admissions Department.

Admissions to Acle Academy are determined by Norfolk Children’s Services. Please follow the link for more information: 



For further details about admissions please refer to our admission policy, available to download below.
Further SEND guidance on admissions can also be found on the Norfolk County Council website.


Want to arrange a tour of Acle Academy? 

Please email to arrange a tour of the school or to contact us with any other admission enquiries.

A welcome from the School Principal

I am delighted to welcome you to Acle Academy, part of The Wensum Trust community of learning. It is my great honour to serve as Principal as Acle Academy embarks on its transformational journey to become an outstanding centre of excellence. I would like to invite you to visit us in person to discover the wealth of wonderful educational opportunities that we can offer the young people of our community.

As a small rural school we understand that the passage from primary to high school can be a daunting experience. This is why we strive to ensure that our transitional arrangements are of the highest quality. Our staff will know your children as individuals, not as just a number or name on a list. At Acle Academy, we will care for your child ensuring that they are challenged to achieve their personal best in every aspect of school life. We are devoted to ensuring that our curriculum is enhanced with a diverse array of enrichment opportunities which will guarantee that your child leaves Acle Academy with excellent academic results and a wonderful collection of life long memorable experiences. We want our students to look back at their time at Acle Academy as ‘the best days of their lives’.

As Principal at Acle Academy I expect the highest standards of students and staff. Fundamentally, we are a learning community and therefore our personal conduct, respect for each other and our learning environment and our commitment to achieving our personal best, underpins every aspect of school life.

We are dedicated to creating a culture which helps prepare students not just for exam results, but for lifelong learning.

To thrive in the 21st century, it is not enough to leave school with a clutch of examination certificates. Students need to have learnt how to be tenacious and resourceful, imaginative and logical, self-disciplined and self-aware, collaborative and inquisitive. At Acle Academy, we believe that the core purpose of education is to prepare young people for life after school; helping them to build up the mental, emotional, social and strategic resources to enjoy challenge and cope well with uncertainty and complexity. We believe that this purpose for education is valuable for all young people and involves helping them to discover the things that they would really love to be great at, and strengthening their will and skill to pursue them.

We also believe that confidence, capability and passion can be developed in all students irrespective of their starting points. Real world intelligence is not something we are born with, we can all develop the skills needed to succeed with the right mind set. At Acle Academy we will inspire every young person and nurture their potential in order to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

We invite you to join Acle Academy and be part of the exciting new era for our school. I look forward to welcoming you in person and showing you that Acle Academy is the right choice for you.

Helen Watts