Acle Academy

Transition to Key Stage 3

A very warm welcome to Acle Academy. We are very much looking forward to you and your children joining us at Acle Academy in September 2024.


Firstly, thank you for choosing Acle Academy as your child’s High School in September 2024.  We aim to reassure you that we will strive to make the transition process as smooth as possible. This year our transition days are scheduled for: 

Year 6 transition day - Monday 1st July 2024 - Day 1 (for confirmed students starting in Sept 2024) 10am - 2pm

Year 6 transition day - Tuesday 2nd July 2024 - Day 2 (for confirmed students starting in Sept 2024) 10am - 2pm

Year 5 STEM transition day - Thursday 11th July 2024 - 10am - 2pm

We would also like to invite you to the Year 6 Parent/Carer and student information evening with Pop Up Uniform Shop on Tuesday 2nd July 2024. This event is crucial, and we urge all parents to attend. The purpose of the evening is to give you and your child an opportunity to meet with key members of staff at Acle Academy.

There will be a presentation made by the Principal, Mrs H Watts and an opportunity to meet: 
Your child’s Form Tutor
Ms Frary, SENDCO.
Mrs Skarin, Assistant Principal (Personal Development)
Mr Bliss, Assistant Principal (Behaviour and Welfare)





19th June 2023

Communication with Primary Schools

Over the next few weeks we will be liaising closely with all primary schools and Year 6 teachers to gather important information about your child. We will gain information about your child’s academic history and potential, but also more detailed information about how they prefer to learn, their passions and their interests. We understand that many families may wonder how we will assess setting information without SATs data. We will use the information that we receive from your child’s teachers and we will also conduct some baseline tests when students first join us. I must reiterate that the setting is not fixed at any point. We regularly review setting arrangements to ensure that students are in the right set. Students are set separately for English and Maths, therefore a child who may excel in Maths but may be weaker in English will be placed in the appropriate set for their ability in each subject. 

Form groups

Children will be assigned a form group that is aligned to a House.  Form groups are mixed ability tutor groups, all children within the form will be Year 7. Form tutors are the main point of communication between home and school. Your child will stay with their form tutor throughout their school life, so they will have a secure knowledge and understanding of your child in order to support them effectively. You will have an opportunity to meet your form tutor during the Parent Information evening on Tuesday 4th July.

Music Lessons

Acle Academy offers a range of peripatetic music lessons. This is a great opportunity for students to learn a musical instrument with a specialist and work towards music grades if desired. There is no requirement for students to have any previous experience and students have a fixed weekly time slot within the school day. Please see more information about pricing in the handbook included. If you are interested in signing up for peripatetic lessons, please contact Mrs Gilbert,

We share lots of information on our school website and facebook page. We will be adding more information to the transition section on the website over the next few weeks, please check regularly. We will always email important information to parents directly.

Once again a very warm welcome to you all, if you have any specific queries or further questions you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us, or Mrs C Skarin (transition lead) directly. Please do also join us via Facebook and Instagram where we will share further information. 

Additional Resources

The links below, provide access to some resources that may help to answer questions about transition, or provide some good tips and advice.