Acle Academy

Army Cadets

The Army Cadet Force (ACF) has over 46,000 cadets in almost 1,700 detachments all over the country and is one of the biggest and best youth organisations around. When it comes to action, excitement and adventure, it’s hard to find anything that beats the Army Cadets.

Become an Army Cadets and you’ll be spending your spare time taking part in adventurous activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, archery and abseiling. There will also be plenty of opportunities to play all your favourite sports because the ACF has competitions for both boys and girls at county, regional and national level!

OK, so you might end up a little wet and muddy, but wouldn’t you rather be having the time of your life with some great new mates, instead of just sitting in front of a TV or computer alone in your room?

Acle Troop, has been one of the most successful detachments in Norfolk throughout the few past years. Some of the accomplishments Acle Troop have made are quite astonishing: Homing a Lord’s Lieutenant Cadet – who is also the Regional Sergeant Major of Norfolk, several National Champions and winning the 2013 Bold Venture Competition.



Acle Troop is located in Acle Academy grounds.
Every Troop night is on a Wednesday evening 19:00 to 21:30 hours
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Our 2020 Cadet Troop