Acle Academy

Service Area Drop-Down Day

11th July was Service Area Drop-Down Day for Acle Academy. Here's a brief description of what each service area got up to.


This was a jam packed afternoon for our year 7s. Forty pupils completed an Olympic triathlon and they did brilliantly! Some other students baked their way through the afternoon, creating giant cookies for a charity sale, and we were lucky to have a visitor from Nelson’s Journey come in and talk to the group about the important work they do. We also created charity badges, sweet bags, posters and puzzles. Well done everyone for your great support and raising funds for our charities; Nelson’s Journey and Pets As Therapy.


Our Community Service Area Drop Down Day focused on connecting with local community partners, Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary and Friend in Deed. Year 7 and 8 students created art work expressing a warm welcome to refugees as part of our application to become a Norfolk School of Sanctuary, as well as writing letters to elderly residents at Belvoir House in Brundall. Mrs. Andrews will be hand-delivering the beautifully thoughtful cards and will be organising a trip to the care home in the autumn term so that our students can create new intergenerational friendships. Mr. Orton and Ms. Halpin also led students in sprucing up the school site by cleaning windows, mending benches and clearing the guttering. 


Year 9 spent the morning in the DICE service area. This drop down day, we focused on the LGBTQ+ community and students considered the challenges still faced by the LGBTQ+ community today. They also thought about why it remains important that we celebrate Pride every year at Acle and in wider society, and why we promote equal rights for all, throughout the year. The students also learnt that Pride month is about LGBTQ+ people getting equal rights and equal treatment, things that they have often denied in the past.

Many students were surprised to learn that up until 2003 it was illegal in Britain to discuss LGBTQ+ issues in schools, and so LGBTQ+ people who were in school at the time, could not get any support or guidance in school because of Section 28.

In the second part of the session, following an interactive workshop, students were asked to produce a campaign about the importance of Pride, aimed at teenagers. We were very impressed by many of the entries but the work of Reuben and Jacob who wrote and performed an insightful and emotive rap about LGBTQ+ rights and equality, and a beautiful poem written by Hazel and Lana, were judged to be the winning entries of the day.


Year 10 spent the afternoon developing their teamwork and leadership with a variety of challenges. From a human knot to obstacle crossing, students had to use their problem-solving and communication skills to overcome challenges and work together. Particular highlights included blindfolded ‘sheep’ being guided by a whistling shepherd and a trip down memory lane with some parachute games. Many students thoroughly enjoyed the tasks and showed real potential as future leaders. Mr. Southerden would like to thank all the enrichment service area staff and prefects for their perseverance, determination and resilience on this drop down day and over the last 2 years. He is looking forward to seeing Acle Radio reformed next academic year and the continued involvement of the service area in fantastic events such as Acle's Got Talent.

Study Support

For our drop-down day, students engaged with a variety of study skills including: oracy, information processing, numeracy, problem-solving and cooperation. In order to practise these skills, students took part in a carousel of inter-form competitions themed on popular game and quiz shows such as CatchphraseCountdown and Would I Lie To You? with points awarded for successful completion of the various tasks. There was some fierce competition between the groups, with the overall winning form crossing the finishing line by a slim margin! The winner will be announced soon, with a prize coming to the form who scored the highest. Students enjoyed the activities, with the variety and pace offering ample opportunity for them to demonstrate and exercise their skills!


The Wellbeing service area had a last minute change of plan due to the weather forecast saying rain. So instead of activities on the beach, the year 10 students went to the cinema to watch Mission Impossible. Great fun was had by all.

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