Acle Academy

Year 8 Academic Stretch group

Mrs. Carrington has had a fantastic term working with the Year 8 Academic Stretch Group, focussing on the theme of plastics and their effect on the environment.

The students began the term by watching some lectures and documentaries on the pros and cons of using plastics in everyday life such as the medical applications of plastics and the environmental impact of plastics in different parts of the world.

They then completed some research of their own and, having divided into two teams, prepared a debate on this statement;

‘This house believes that all plastic production should stop immediately. All plastics should be put back into circulation and all waste should be cleared.’

After a very close run competition in which Toby and William, as spokespeople for their respective teams, presented some incredibly strong arguments both for and against the statement, the team who were arguing for the use of plastics, led by Toby, were the winners. A very big well done to all the students who displayed fantastic determination and teamwork throughout this term!