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Year 9 - London Parliament Trip

On Tuesday 12th December, sixty Year 9s had the opportunity to take part in a humanities trip to London.

In the morning, we visited the Imperial War Museum, the world’s leading museum of war and conflict. Founded while the First World War was still raging, it gives voice to the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people forced to live their lives in a world torn apart by conflict. Students had the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibitions which focus on the history and human experiences of the First and Second World Wars, both of which are covered in the Year 9 history curriculum. We then had lunch at the museum before dashing over to the Houses of Parliament.

There we had a tour, including the Old Hall, and we had the opportunity to visit both houses and to see the debates in action. We managed to spot a few famous politicians who were in Parliament to vote on a new bill. The visit finished with an interactive workshop, where students experienced the law-making process through the five stages of a bill. Students were encouraged to share diverse points of view in an active debate.

The students were a real pleasure to have on the trip and a delight to share the day with. Thank you Year 9!

Ms. Skarin, Mr. Sayce, Miss Evans, Miss Jarvis and Mrs. Webb

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