Alderman Peel

High School

From APHS to the Royal Academy of Arts

Theo Harrison, in Year 7, has had his art work selected from 33,000 young artists across the UK and beyond.

Theo's art work, titled Pots and Vessels will be hung in the Young Artist's Summer Show at the Royal Academy this summer.

30 students from Alderman Peel High School participated in the competition alongside 33,000 students, aged 5 to 19, from across the UK and from British schools overseas. All our students were commended by the London based art institution, but there was something very special about Theo's piece that caught the judges' eye. 

The theme for the Year 7 art work was 'Pots and Vessels from Around the World' - students were encouraged to discover and investigate world pots and vessels throughout history and from different cultures around the globe.

Investigation in line, shape, pattern and colour alongside meaning and purpose was crucial and this can be seen in Theo's choices; including Greek and pre-Colombian pottery. Students then looked at Patrick Caulfield's modern image 'Pottery' and were set the task to recreate it using their research on pots from around the world. This is the backstory to Theo's wonderful art piece, of which he has already received multiple requests for signed prints.

Congratulations to Theo and his family who will attend a very special private view at the Royal Academy of the Arts in Piccadilly (London) this summer. 

"I feel very happy and excited because so many famous artists have shown their work at the Royal Academy; it's great to be a part of it!"

- Theo Harrison, Year 7

Our Principal, Mr Ogle, says “Theo has created a wonderful piece of art, inspired by the topic. His attention to research and the detail of his work is simply superb and I am sure this is what made it stand out to the judges. It is fantastic to see children like Theo being inspired by the wide range of subjects on offer at our school.”

Visit the Royal Academy of Arts website from the 13th of July to view the Young Artists' online exhibition or take a trip to London to see Theo's piece, amongst other primary and secondary students' artwork, from 13 July to 8 August 2021.