Hellesdon High School

& Sixth Form Centre

Year 9 English


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

Poetry: London

  • Analysing and comparing viewpoints and perspectives

Comparison of 2 or more texts

My City – Original non-fiction writing

  • Writing with tone, attitude and voice; revision of persuasive language features

Persuasive writing test

One piece of original non-fiction writing entitled My City.

Spring Term


Romeo and Juliet

  • How to structure an essay: Introduction, analysis, conclusion

  • Linear study of Romeo and Juliet – character, plot, themes and structure

STAR Reading Assessment

Romeo and Juliet: knowledge test

Romeo and Juliet:  Controlled assessment - essay

Summer Term

An introduction to 19th Century writing

  • Victorian England: class, gender and empire in non-fiction

STAR Reading assessment

19th Century – Knowledge test

The Sign of Four

  • Linear study of The Sign of Four – character, plot, themes and structure
Controlled assessment - essay