Hellesdon High School

Year 9 English


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

Travel Writing

This unit offers students the opportunity to revise and extend their learning from the Y7 and 8 introductory units.  It allows pupils to introduce themselves to their new class teacher, and revises a number of language and structural devices used by established writers to describe their own experiences of travel.

  • Using formal and informal language appropriately
  • Understanding layout / form features

Diagnostic assessment

STAR reading test

The Giver

This unit develops the skills earned in the novel studies in Y8 and Y7, and revises the concept of genre from the previous year through the study of this popular dystopian novel.

At the end of this unit, students are taught the skills required to write an extended essay of the standard that required at GCSE.

Writing assessment

Spring Term


An Introduction to Media Language & Representation

Students in Y9 will be starting to consider their GCSE option choices at this point in the year.

To support their media literacy and help introduce Media Studies as a subject area, students will analyse a range of contemporary media texts to learn the fundamentals of moving image analysis.

Students will also be introduced to persuasive language features to support original non-fiction writing inspired by the media texts they have encountered in the unit.

Monitoring assessment

STAR reading assessment

  Poetry and Non-Fiction 2 Building on the students' work from Y8, the second unit connecting poetry and non-fiction introduces students to a diverse range of writers and voices to help support their personal, social and moral development.  

Summer Term

Romeo and Juliet

Building on the work on Shakespeare and in Y8, students now begin a study of Romeo and Juliet.

Students will learn about the narrative and context of the play in advance of more formal analyses at the start of Y10.

STAR Reading assessment

GL Assessment

GCSE Predicted grade range