Hellesdon High School

Year 10

  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

A1 Musical Styles


A2 Musical elements



B1 Music industry products


B2 Music realisation techniques


Iconic composers, artists, bands and producers 
Impact of technology on musical styles, instruments, production and recording. Popular and other music styles

Stylistic features and characteristics: Instrumentation, texture, timbre, tonality, scales, modes, harmony, rhythmic techniques, structure/ form, melodic techniques, production

Types of music product: live performance, audio recording, composition for media, original song or composition, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) project


Music performance, Creating original music, Techniques used in producing music

Summative Assessment and Internal Marking

Spring Term

A1 Professional skills for the music industry

A2 Planning and communicating music skills development


B1 Development of technical music skills and techniques


B2 Development of music skills and techniques

Students will explore the expectations and professional skills required to succeed in the industry

Planning development processes, strategies for skills development, managing equipment and resources, methods of capturing musical development,
having a clear and organised approach to communicating,
sharing and commenting on work

Development processes: individual development, routines, identifying technical exercises for development, setting goals, monitoring and tracking of progress

Developing musical skills appropriate to style and context: timing and phrasing, using rhythm and pitch in the creation or recreation of music, using equipment, instrumentation or software appropriately, expression, combining instruments/sounds, health and safety in the use of equipment and/or instruments.
Applying skills development to the creation of content/material Music performance, Creating original music, Music production

Summative Assessment and Internal Marking
Summer Term Delivery and revision Delivery and revision Summative Assessment and Internal Marking