Hellesdon High School

& Sixth Form Centre

Year ​7


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

Practical Topic

Ukulele and Guitar Skills

  •  Independent instrument practice
  •  Performance, self-evaluation and feedback
  •  Playing basic chords
  •  Practical guitar/ukulele skill development
  •  Solo performances
  •  Understanding TAB notation
  •  Understanding chord diagrams
  •  Working with others in ensembles

An ensemble or solo performance of Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved on guitar or ukulele

Tech Topic


Introduction to DAWs
  • Adjusting volume and balancing the stereo field
  • Copy and pasting regions
  •  ICT skill development
  •  Introduction to DAW software
  •  Introduction to Using Macs (if available)
  •  Looping regions
  •  Trimming/extending regions
An original loop-based composition created using a DAW.

Spring Term


Practical Topic


Piano skills


  • Basic stave notation – treble/bass
  • Independent instrument practice
  • Italian musical words (piano, forte)
  • Performance, self-evaluation and feedback
  • Playing in 2 parts / hands together
  •  Practical piano skill development
  • Solo performances
  •  Understanding melody and melody shape
  • Understanding rhythm and note values
  •  Working with others in duets

A duet or solo performance of Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved on piano or keyboard.

Tech Topic


Essential Theory
  • Basic stave notation – treble/bass
  • ICT skill development
  • Analysing melody and melody shape
  • Playing in 2 parts/hands together
  • Practical skill development
  • Rhythm and note values
  • Using technology and notation to recreate a song
A recreation of Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved using MuseScore software.

Summer Term


Practical Topic

1st Half Term


Performance Skills

  •  Basic vocal skills
  •  Cross curricular opportunities with Drama
  •  Developing stage presence: revisiting facial expression,   eye contact and interaction
  •  Introduction to vocal skills
  •  Italian musical words (pianissimo, fortissimo_
  •  Knowing your vocal range
  •  Looking after your voice
  •  Memorising lyrics
  •  Projection and Diction
  •  Singing as an ensemble
  •  Singing whilst moving
  •  Timing and rhythm development

A class performance of chosen song from ‘Matilda’.

Tech Topic

Full Term

• Adjusting tempo
• Editing keyboard notes

An arrangement of Lewis Capaldi - Someone You
Virtual Band
  • ICT skill development
  • Concept of virtual Instrument
  • Italian musical words
  • Looping regions 2
  • Playing in time to a drum beat
  • Recording keyboard notes
  • Using the piano roll
Loved created using a DAW.