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Sociology Year 12

Year 12 AQA A-Level Sociology (7192) Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment 
Autumn Term 

Culture and Identity






Key Sociological Theories/Perspectives. The socialisation process and the role of the agencies of socialisation. The self, identity and difference as both socially caused and socially constructed


The significance of educational policies, including policies of selection, marketisation and privatisation, and policies to achieve greater equality of opportunity or outcome, for an understanding of the structure, role, impact and experience of and access to education; the impact of globalisation on educational policy. The role and functions of the education system, including its relationship to the economy and to class structure




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Spring Term

Culture and Identity





The relationship of identity to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexuality and social class in contemporary society

Differential educational achievement of social groups by social class, gender and ethnicity in contemporary society. Relationships and processes within schools, with particular reference to teacher/pupil relationships, pupil identities and subcultures, the hidden curriculum, and the organisation of teaching and learning




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Summer Term

Research Methods and Methods in Context







Theory and Methods

Quantitative and qualitative methods of research; research design sources of data, including questionnaires, interviews, participant and non-participant observation, experiments, documents and official statistics. The distinction between primary and secondary data, and between quantitative and qualitative data. The theoretical, practical and ethical considerations influencing choice of topic, choice of method(s) and the conduct of research. Students must be able to apply sociological research methods to the study of education


The relationship between positivism, interpretivism and sociological methods; the nature of ‘social facts’ consensus, conflict, structural and social action theories. The concepts of modernity and post-modernity in relation to sociological theory. The nature of science and the extent to which Sociology can be regarded as scientific. The relationship between theory and methods. Debates about subjectivity, objectivity and value freedom. The relationship between Sociology and social policy







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