Hellesdon High School

Year 10

Throughout Year 10 the students will be developing their programming skills.  Programming is embedded throughout the course, with the students having many opportunities to learn how to program using the Python programming language.  The programming skills the students will learn in the first year will include the following: programming constructs (sequence, selection and iteration), sub-routines, use of variables, data types and data structures including 1D and 2D arrays.


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term




System Architecture

The students will learn Computational thinking skills, how to design, create and refine algorithms as well as exploring common search and sorting algorithms


The students will learn architecture of the CPU, CPU performance and embedded computer systems


Written exam-style assessment

Spring Term


Programming fundamentals 



Memory and storage


The students will continue to develop the basic programming skills in particular condition controlled and count controlled iteration and they will learn about data types



The students will learn primary and secondary storage, units. Data storage and compression 



Written exam-style assessment

Summer Term


Boolean Logic 




Computer Networks, connections and protocols

The students will learn how to use logic diagrams and truth tables.  Their programming input will be learning how to combine previously learnt skills to solve problems, for example using iteration to sum the numbers held within an array as well as creating sub-routines


Students will learn network and topologies, wire and wireless topologies, protocols and layers. 



Written exam-style assessment