Hellesdon High School

Year 12


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices and logical thinking


Elements of computational thinking

The students will learn about the structure and function of the processor, the different types of processor and their applications. Also, will be learning about Inputs, outputs and storage devices and their applications with in the processor context.  

The students will learn about thinking abstractly, thinking ahead, thinking procedurally and concurrently.  They will also learn how these contribute towards making a problem solvable using computers.

The students programming input will include learning how to use the three main constructs (sequence, selection and iteration) and about modularity in programming.




Written assessment

Spring Term


Types of software and software development



Problem-solving and programming


The students will learn about different operating systems and their applications, application generation within the context of software development. They will also learn types of programming languages e.g. Assembly language

This term the students will continue to develop their programming skills by learning about recursion, variable scope and object-oriented techniques.

The students will also look at different computational methods and how each method can be used to help solve problems.



Written assessment

Summer Term


Algorithms to solve problems and standard algorithms



Exchanging data


NEA - Preparation

In the summer term the students will study different algorithms for a given situation, including algorithms for data structures and path finding e.g. Dijkstra’s and A* etc.  The student will also learn how to determine an algorithm’s efficiency using Big O notation

Learner will learn compression and encryption, databases and networking characteristics. Also, students will learn how web technologies work e.g. client & server processing 

The last few sessions of the year are used to prepare the students for their non-exam assessment (NEA) which starts in Y13



Written assessment