Hellesdon High School

A Level Maths

Course introduction

Mathematics A-level is one of the biggest facilitating subjects and it is essential for many higher education courses and careers. Whether working in the fields of Science, Business, Economics, Psychology, Geography and many other subjects; Mathematics forms the language of reasoning that allows models to be designed and patterns and associations to be identified in order to make accurate predictions. Mathematics helps to develop key life skills such as numeracy, data analysis, logical thinking, and problem-solving.  
Students will study a broad range of Pure and Applied Mathematics topics throughout the A-Level course. They will develop their abilities to present mathematical arguments through the use of appropriate diagrams, sketching graphs, logical deduction and critical reasoning in order to form and communicate solutions to abstract and contextual real-life problems. They will gain exposure to many fundamental theories and mathematical techniques in addition to studying Statistics and Mechanics; which is the mathematics that governs Physics. Those that have a particular interest in studying Mathematics in Higher Education are also encouraged to consider Further Maths which introduces many degree level concepts. 
For those that wish to continue with some mathematics education but do not wish to enrol in a full A-Level we offer Core Maths. Core Maths is a level 3 qualification which develops students’ ability to reason mathematically; students study a range of topics including financial mathematics, taxes, student loans, graphical techniques and also some maths that supports physics, such as looking at rates of change.  

Following on from GCSE Maths, Hellesdon High School offers students the options to study A-Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Level 3 Core Maths, which lead to and support a variety of undergraduate degree level subjects and careers that involve some mathematical element.