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Core Maths

Level 3 Mathematical Studies - Core Maths (1350) is a relatively new qualification designed for students who have achieved a grade 4 or above at GCSE.

It helps to develop students’ mathematical skills and thinking and supports courses such as A-level Psychology, Sciences and Geography as well as technical and vocational qualifications. It is aimed at those students that wish to continue to study some mathematics whilst perhaps not being able to manage the A Level Mathematics qualification. Currently Core Maths is being delivered as part of the TechBac qualification. We have selected the 2C Graphical Techniques optional unit alongside the compulsory unit as this gives a broad range of skills that work well with the other Technology and Engineering units within the TechBac qualification.

The content is listed below in two areas:
1. Analysis of data, maths for personal finance, estimation, percentages.
2. Graphical methods, rates of change, exponential functions.

There will be two examination papers, at the end of the course to assess all content:
Paper 1 - Compulsory unit  (1.5 hour written paper)
Paper 2 - Selected Graphical Techniques (2C)  (1.5 hour written paper)


The Core maths course topics will be delivered mainly in line with order given on the Integral website. The content delivery timings will not be prescribed strictly as there needs to be room to change things round or slow down to fill gaps in prior knowledge before moving onto particular topics sequentially.

Click on the items below to view the topics to be delivered:

Year 12


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment
Autumn Term Analysis of data D1: Data
D2: Collecting and sampling data
D3: Representing data numerically
D4: Representing data diagrammatically 
Paper 1 - Compulsory unit  (1.5 hour written paper)
Spring Term Maths for personal finance F1: Numerical calculations 
F2: Percentages
F3: Interest rates
F4: Repayments and the cost of credit
F5: Graphical Representation
F6: Taxation
F7: Solution to financial problems
Paper 1 - Compulsory unit  (1.5 hour written paper)
Summer Term Estimation E1: The modelling cycle
E2: Fermi estimation
Paper 1 - Compulsory unit  (1.5 hour written paper)

Year 13


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment
Autumn Term Critical analysis of given data and models
(including spreadsheets and tabular data)
C1: Presenting Logical and reasoned arguments in context
C2: Communicating mathematical approaches and solutions 
C3: Analysing critically
Paper 2 - Compulsory unit  (1.5 hour written paper)

Spring Term

Option 2C Graphical techniques
Graphical methods

Rates of change


G1: Graphs and functions
G2: Intersection points

G3: Gradient
G4: Average speed
G5: Speed and acceleration 

Option 2C Graphical techniques paper
Summer Term Exponential Functions G6: The function A
G7: The number E
G8: Exponential growth and decay
Option 2C Graphical techniques paper