Hellesdon High School



The Geography department at Hellesdon High have one goal. To engender a curiosity and love of the natural and human world. We are passionate about seeing and appreciating the wonderful locations we live and visit, and have a plethora of experience travelling to a wide variety of places and interacting with different peoples of the world. If all of our students left Hellesdon with a desire to travel and conserve the environment for future generations then we would feel that we had done our jobs well.

Geography Teachers - Education and experience

Throughout students’ time at Hellesdon High School they will have the opportunity to learn about the UK, develop an understanding of the relationship between people and the environment and visit a variety of locations in order to carry out geographical investigations, including London, Cromer and Wales.

The staff at Hellesdon High School have a wide plethora of experience, from mountaineering and rock climbing, to diving, agriculture and travelling. We are always enthusiastic to discuss holidays and adventures, and we are very passionate about our subject.


Examination Courses

Key Stage 4 - Edexcel B GCSE

At KS4 we follow the Edexcel B GCSE course. The course is assessed via three examinations that each focus upon a different element of the course:-

- Paper one addresses global topics including hazards, development and the challenges of urban living.

- Paper two is concerned with UK geographical issues and has units on the human and physical geography of the UK, as well as a geographical investigation into a contemporary topic.

- Paper three is a decision making paper centred around forests biomes and energy futures.


Key Stage 5 - Edexcel GCE Geography

At KS5 we follow the Edexcel GCE Geography course. It builds on the content studied at KS4 but is suited to all students. The A-Level is assessed in four areas.

- Paper 1 (30%) is a predominantly physical paper that examines plate tectonics, coastal environments and water/carbon cycles including water conflicts and climate change.

- Paper 2 (30%) studies the challenges posed by globalisation, diverse places, global geopolitics through a unit on superpowers and migration, identity and sovereignty.

- Paper 3 (20%) is a synoptic paper that will be based upon a current issue and allows students the opportunity to display knowledge of the players, futures and uncertainties around a new topic.

- The Non Examined Assessment (20%) is an opportunity for students to investigate any topic related to the specification in greater depth and to develop skills in topic research, data collection, display, analysis and evaluation.