Hellesdon High School

& Sixth Form Centre

Year 11


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term

Unit 6 – Geographical investigations

Unit 8 – Forests under threat

Unit 9 – Consuming energy resources

  • Investigating coastal processes and management
  • Primary data collection in coastal fieldwork
  • Processing and presenting coastal fieldwork data
  • Analysis and conclusions
  • Evaluating your coastal enquiry


  • Investigating variations in urban quality of life
  • Primary data collection for urban fieldwork
  • Processing and presenting urban fieldwork data Analysis and conclusions – urban enquiry
  • Evaluating your urban enquiry


  • What are taiga and tropical rainforests like – fertility, biodiversity and adaptations?
  • What are the threats to forest biomes?
  • How do we conserve forest biomes?
  • What global actions help to protect forest biomes?


  • What are different types of energy?
  • How does access to energy differ around the world?
  • How does energy consumption differ around the world?
  • What are the impacts of different energy types?
  • What are the future implications for energy use?

Practice Paper 3 – Making geographical decisions

Key terms tests x2

Spring Term


Unit 3 – Challenges of an urbanising world



  • What are urbanisation and megacities?
  • How do urban economies differ?
  • How does land use change in urban areas?
  • Mumbai – a detailed case study

End of unit Challenges of an urbanising world assessment

Key terms test