Hellesdon High School

Year ​8


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term







  • How does water move around the world?
  • How do erosion, deposition and transportation create different river landforms?
  • How is flooding caused and managed?


  • How do development levels vary around the world?
  • What factors have helped make the world more globalised?
  • How do TNCs operate?
  • How has globalisation affected different groups of people?

End of unit Rivers assessment

Key terms tests x2

Spring Term


Continuation of Globalisation




  • How and why do tectonic plates move?
  • How do tectonic plates create hazards?
  • Why do the impacts of tectonic hazards vary?

End of unit Globalisation assessment

End of unit Tectonics assessment

Key terms tests x2

Summer Term


Weather and climate 



Climate change

  • What things make up the weather?
  • What shapes the weather in the UK?
  • What are climate and climate change?
  • What causes the climate to change?
  • How does climate change impact people and the environment?

End of unit Climate Change assessment

Key terms tests x2