Hellesdon High School

& Sixth Form Centre

Year ​7


  Topic(s) Key content to be learned Assessment

Autumn Term



  • What is a settlement?
  • How do people choose settlements?
  • What is migration?
  • Why and where do people choose to migrate?


  • What is the coast and why is it important?
  • How do people use the coast?
  • What processes shape coasts?
  • How are coastal landforms created?
  • Why do coasts flood?
  • How does flooding affect people and property?

End of unit Settlements assessment

End of unit Coasts assessment

Key terms tests x2

Spring Term



Map skills


  • How are humans damaging the planet?
  • How can we be more sustainable?
  • What is a case study?
  • How do we use a named place to describe and explain?


  • What are maps?
  • How do we read maps?
  • What are the features of a map that help us read it?
  • How do we use maps to give directions?
  • What different types of maps are there?

Sustainability long answer question

Map skills booklet

Key terms tests x2

Summer Term




  • What is development?
  • How can we measure development?
  • Why are some countries more developed than others?
  • What is it like to be in poverty?


  • What are ecosystems and biomes?
  • Where are the major biomes?
  • How does latitude affect biome distribution?
  • How do people and food webs interact?
  • What are adaptations?

End of unit Development assessment

Key terms tests x2