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“I am committed to a cause: ensuring design technology and engineering stays on the U.K. curriculum, alongside science and maths - grounding abstract theory, merging the practical with the academic.”- James Dyson

The Design Technology department endeavours to educate students to make informed decisions as consumers in the modern world. Throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students are introduced to a wide range of material types, specialist tools and industrial processes. Students develop practical skills with these materials through a range of practical activities. Key knowledge milestones have been identified by staff to ensure subject knowledge is developed throughout to ensure students have the best start to life after-school. 

This key knowledge has strong cross curricular links to subjects such as Maths, Science and Art through the practical activities undertaken. Within Food, Product Design and Textiles measures, angles weights and volumes are used on a daily basis. Designers and Artists are used as a catalyst to influence designing which are either from a past and present setting. These cross curricular links enable students to make creative and imaginative products that suit a range of contexts.

Students value Design Technology in their school life, which is essential in developing responsible, ethical and global citizens for the future. The subject will develop a secure appreciation of the origin, properties and applications of a range of raw materials, allowing students to appreciate the local and global environmental and economic implications associated with their production.

The knowledge gained within the Design Technology Faculty is subject specific and is essential so that all students, irrespective of prior learning, have a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to help them gain future employment. The skills our students learn at Acle Academy will be of lasting benefit to them both economically and mentally.

Staff share the vision that students leave Acle Academy with essential life skills that could be utilised for further educational routes, whether that is A-Level, Level 1/2/3, apprenticeships or employment.

KS3 Knowledge Maps


Learning Journey & Schemes of Learning

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The schemes of learning found below provide an insight into each individual unit within the learning journey.

Product Design

Product Design - Year 7

Product Design - Year 8

Product Design - Year 9

Food Tech

Food Tech - Year 7

Food Tech - Year 8

Food Tech - Year 9

Computer Science

Core Questions for Computer Science



Textiles - Year 8