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"Learning happens when students have to think hard" - Professor Rob Coe

The History Department at Acle Academy aims to create globally aware citizens who are equipped to thrive in the wider world.

We aim to provide students with the skills necessary to make effective judgements of the world in which they live; to grapple with the demands and challenges of this complex subject and develop the resilience required to succeed in history, and life beyond school.


The History Curriculum will develop a variety of skills which include analysis and evaluation of sources and interpretations. History students will become proficient at making and supporting relevant inferences and of reaching judgements based on their understanding of events.  Students will extend their knowledge throughout Key Stage 3 and understand how topics intertwine. The sequencing of the topics will enable students to understand concepts such as change and continuity and how this is repeated throughout history. For example, students will study ‘empire’ in year 7 and recognise the significance of imperialism throughout the centuries, culminating in the study of the British Empire in year 9. History students will develop a breadth of knowledge of the topics they study and will be able to regularly demonstrate their knowledge in formative assessments. Similarly, students will develop their historical vocabulary and be able to apply it both verbally and in their writing.

Equally, by developing their knowledge and understanding of historical events they will be able to make sense of a complex, diverse and changing world. Students will learn where places are, and about their different cultures. History students will develop the skills which allow them to explore political and social issues in society and equip them with the ability to become responsible citizens. They will understand the diversity of the world in which they live and how it has evolved through time.

Students will also experience history outside the classroom with educational visits to Norwich Castle in year 7; a trip to the Tower of London and Jack the Ripper tour in year 8 and a trip to the battlefields of France and Belgium in year 9. These visits will further enhance students’ understanding of the past and highlight their significance to the present.



Learning Journey & Schemes of Learning

See our learning journeys, these outline the sequence of units, and progression of knowledge and skills across a key stage.

The schemes of learning found below provide an insight into each individual unit within the learning journey.