Acle Academy



4Hi, I am Izzy Hawkins, Head of Charity and Deputy Head Student.

As a service area we are extremely motivated to raise funds for local charities as well as our school, along with this we aspire to improve awareness of different charities in our school. 

We want students to be more aware of the world we live in and inspire them to develop empathy and want to help communities and people less fortunate than ourselves. 

We will be continuing to build upon the excellent work from the previous service area representatives by supporting a range of local, national, and international charitable causes. We will also be launching an ambitious yearbook project for the year 11s and will establish a socially diverse prom committee that aims to involve all of the year group. We will also be organsing many fundraising events within the school and the local community through the support of our Senior and junior prefect teams.

 We endeavour to raise funds for the Charites the students wish to support, as it is important to us that all students feel valued and that they know their voices are being listened to. We also hope to inspire pupils to work for causes they might not be aware of and to raise awareness of the world we live in.

 We aspire to put up thoughtful and impactful displays around the school and give the students different handouts for charities which inspire them to take positive action. it is important to support a range of charities however it is equally significant for the students to know how to access these Charites so they have the help they need if required and we aim to signpost students to the work of these amazing charities.

If you have any questions, issues or ideas please feel free to speak to myself, my deputy Megan Gough, our staff link Mr Sayce and any of our senior prefects: Bethany Thomas, Alfie Tate, Harrison Abel and Jessica Frost.