Acle Academy



My name is Evie London, I am Head of the Equalities service area and Deputy Head Student at Acle. 

As a service area, we are focused on making sure everyone receives and gives the respect deserved and ensuring that people feel comfortable with who they are.

Whilst we continue to grow more and more supportive every day, both as a society and as a school, discrimination and hate continues to dampen the world we live in; although we will never eradicate discrimination, as decent people we will try and lessen more and more every day. Things such as racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia etc are extremely damaging to young people particularly, so as a service area we are both educating students and supporting them through anything they may experience in relation to discrimination. 

Over the next year in my position, I will be putting multiple things into place and taking steps forward so that as a school we can say that we did more than just talk about the issues, but that we acted on them too. To name a few examples:

We will be working with the Charity service area to raise money for charities that are focused on supporting people through issues related to inequality and actively talking about these topics. Most importantly we will continue to celebrate things like National Wo/Men’s Day, Pride and many more.

We are going to ensure students are going to be regularly asked their opinions on the equality in school and what they feel could be done/added to help the schools social growth.

Educating both students and teachers on these issues so there are no knowledge gaps between the two
If you would like to help get involved, have any ideas for the Equalities Service Area or questions/concerns, please get in touch with myself, Miss Skarin or any of the senior prefects in the service area: Freja Christie-King, Cameron Cookson, Annabelle Horan and Evie Palfrey.