Acle Academy


Hi, I’m Eva Chapman, Deputy Head Student and Head of the Community Service Area at Acle Academy.

Drop Down Day

For the Drop Down Day the Community Service Area organised a variety of different activities that were both engaging and enjoyable. In the morning we had our Senior Prefects walk down to the Acle Church to lay a reef in honour of the soldiers who fought for our country. In the afternoon the year 10’s joined us, the activities included making delicious cookies, which were sent off to Acle Care Home, litter picking out in our community and helping with various jobs around school. It was lovely to see all the pupils so engaged and enthusiastic to support the various initiatives one of which resulted in painting the outside of our reflection area which now looks amazing. Thanks to the pupils for all their support!

Our team of ‘Community’ prefects aim to improve the relationship between Acle Academy and the local villages and carry on the recycling projects started before Covid by the time we leave in June 2022. 

We are looking to continue the great work of our previous head of community who worked hard to try to make  us part of the Eco School. However, due to the impact of the pandemic we did not fully achieve this. 

My team of prefects and I hope to carry on this goal and eventually complete this task to make our school part of Eco Schools. The Eco School award would mean that our school would be seen as environmentally friendly and sustainable school.

One of our key aims this year is to improve our relationship with the local villages and community outside of Acle. We are going to try and do this in two ways. Firstly, we are going to try and conquer loneliness in our villages (especially with the older generation). We are going to create care packages to send to the local care home and after Covid hopefully have a tea party, where the music and drama department put on a performance. Secondly, We will start litter picking around the local villages (especially Acle), to show that we are trying to help the community. Our slogan for this is ‘Clean Up (Y)our Village’ and our aim would be to make it socially unacceptable to leave litter around your village.

Our Community team includes myself (Eva Chapman), Emily Gill (Deputy Head Of Community), Connor Cookson, Finley Hannon, Freya Jennings, Halle Winhall and our SLT link, Mr Newstead. If you have any questions or want to get involved, please email me at